Just 12 days until Eastec 2019!

Millennium Signatures will be presenting their entire Marksman Product Line at the show. As Part Marking Specialists with nearly 50 Years experience in the Part Marking & Traceability Business, we will be focusing on our Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology. 
Dot Peen Marking or Pin Marking, Stylus Marking, Needle Marking, CNC Computerized Stamping or whatever name you’ve come to know it as is by far one of the most popular methods of putting permanent Traceability on your Metal or Plastic products. 
Using a very precise Ball Screw and Guide Bearing Design we move a Tungsten Metal Stylus around within a Marking Area allowing us to rapidly fire a solenoid and indent stamp patterns into the various materials with great speed, accuracy and repeatability. These machines can even leave beautiful clear, professional looking identification on Hardened Metals upwards on 64 Rockwell in the C Scale and beyond. 
These systems are packed with features which include Auto-Serialization Capability, Date Coding, 2D Barcodes, QR Codes, UID Codes, Text in Various Fonts, PLT File Images, Arc or (Radial) Marking, Circumferential Marking on Cylinders and more! 
These systems are robustly built and perform reliably in a variety of conditions, they are rich with features and capability and are readily available at a very cost-effective price point. Systems can range in price between $4,000.00 and $10,000.00 depending on the configuration needed. 
Easy to use, easy to integrate these systems are a perfect fit for most manufacturing operations. 
They’re available in Benchtop Configurations, Compact Integrator Series Configurations, Hand-Held Portable Configurations, Combination Hand-Held Portable / Benchtop Configurations and our very unique Positive Locating Slide Design with Heavy Duty Rotary Axis for Circumferential (Cylinder) Marking. 
Marksman covers all the bases and is a leader for price and durability. 
Contact the Part Marking Specialists at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems For more information. 
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We are proud to announce that we are exhibiting at EASTEC 2019 in West Springfield, Massachusetts! Please feel free to stop by our booth #3305 to gather more information on our company, products, and what we can do for you. See you there!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems will be showcasing our Marksman Series, Computerized Dot Peen / Pin Marking Technology at Eastec 2019 this May in Springfield MA. If you manufacture a product and wish to advance your abilities for tracking your raw materials or the finished product, visit with the Part Marking Specialists at Millennium Signatures to get information on all the latest methods, technologies and services available in the world of Part Marking/Traceability. We specialize in a variety of processes and have over 50 Years of experience 
Contact us at
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Hand-Held Portable Marking

Most manufacturing operations these days need to receive their certified materials in and start marking the raw materials as it enters the building and maintains that identification through every step of the manufacturing process. In years past it’s been a challenge to adapt to these more demanding requirements for traceability, but there is some good news…

New technology is being developed in the Marking Systems Industry all the time to allow marking to be done easier, faster and more reliably. Let’s focus on the NEW Marksman Series MKP-054 Hand-Held Portable Low-Stress Indent Marker by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. Traditionally most Marking Systems are a bench-top or floor mount station that you bring your parts to for processing, but this is not always possible and with some of the latest Hand-Held Technologies you can easily walk over to large lengths of structural steel or tubing etc., or harder to reach locations atop large fabrications and pull the trigger on a comfortable, lightweight marking head and in just a few seconds you’re done! Beautiful, clean looking, easy to read information such as Heat Numbers, Certification ID Numbers, Purchase Order Numbers’ etc., are permanently stamped into your material.

This new technology does not even require any umbilical cables for delivering power and data to have to manage as you move from piece-to-piece. 
These systems are battery powered by Heavy Duty 6.0amp Hour Batteries as you would find in Bosch Cordless Drills and their other power tools.
The variable data you wish to mark can be delivered to the Marking Head instantly using Bluetooth Technology direct from your PC or a smartphone using a free downloadable app. 
You also have the option of plugging a mini keyboard directly into the Portable Marking Head and entering the information directly using a small LCD Screen on the Marking Head to verify the accuracy of the information you’ve entered. 
These systems have been in the field now for just over 2 years and we are getting great feedback. Despite most customers choose to start with two (2) battery packs so one can be charging while the other is in use, reports indicate that they are getting more than 2-3 hours of near continuous marking out of a pack that only takes 20 minutes to charge.

These systems are lightweight and comfortable to use. They come with custom carrying cases with precision cut foam inserts to keep your equipment and accessories such as batteries and charger together and safe when not in use.

With our equipment you’re not limited to marking just Alpha/Numeric Text in a range of sizes and fonts, you can also add Logos and both 2D and QR Codes to your parts that are perfectly scannable allowing you to track your material faster than ever before.

Given that the only part to require periodic sharpening or repair under normal use is the Marking Stylus, this equipment has an EXCELLENT cost of ownership ratio to be considered. 
It’s an inexpensive way to give the flexibility and versatility needed by your staff to ensure they have the capability to log and track your materials from the time they enter the receiving department doors, right through until the finished product is shipped to your client.

For more information on this Marksman Series MKP-054 Portable Dot Peen Marking System and our other technologies, please contact one of our Part Marking Specialists in our main inquiry line at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com
We have facilities in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada to help with all of your inquiries.

Also keep an eye open for our HELPFUL MARKING TIPS that are routinely posted on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on a regular basis that will provide little-known facts about our equipment and techniques for getting better results etc. Please feel free to follow us.

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The Marksman MKP-054 Portable Hand-Held

The Marksman MKP-054 Portable Hand-Held Battery Powered Part Marking System with Bluetooth is an incredible success.! We constantly sell out of these systems cause they are very cost effective and work perfectly. On the market for 16 months now, this Part Marking Technology is gaining in popularity like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Contact our Part Marking Specialists to learn more about what this system can do for the traceability of your raw materials and finished products.
Tel: (905) 639-0909
E-mail: info@millenniumsignatures.com

Circumferential Dot Peen Marking

The MK-115 Marking System c/w CDC-20 Positive Locating Rotary Axis Slide. This is a great Marking Machine, allow us to explain why… Unlike most Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems that offer full Circumferential Marking Capability, our system does NOT require the Rotary Axis to be manually aligned and locked in place on an Aluminum Profile (T-Slot) base. Our system has a very heavy duty 3-Jaw Chuck that is mounted on a Precision Slide that stays aligned with the Marking Head at all times but also allows you to slide the head complete with workpiece out from under the Marking Head and off to the right.

Why is this so important?

This allows you to switch between Flat Component Part Marking and Cylinder Marking in seconds and save so much time given there is really no set-up required. When you slide your part that’s been secured on the Rotary Axis back under the Marking Head and lock it in position, you’re back in business. It’s a small thing, but it’s unique and it saves people a great deal of time and frustration in real everyday manufacturing environments.

Our clients love this system and we’ve come to realize just how special it is as a result of all the positive feedback. Inquire with our Part Marking Specialists today at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. Locations in Burlington Ontario Canada and Buffalo NY, USA.

T: (905) 639-0909
E: info@millenniumsignatures.com


The Marksman Series Dot Peen Marking Equipment by Millennium Signatures is a very cost-effective way of permanently and professionally marking parts and also metal nameplates. Gone are the days of type holders and lining up insert type to try and get a decent and lasting mark on your parts. There are very cost effective methods that are computer driven allowing you to save considerable time, money and no doubt much frustration with your current methods.

Millennium Signatures has a long history in the business of Marking System Integrations and Marking Products, in general, going back over 50 years. Due to the fact that we have come to manufacture and distribute such a large range of product, we have decided to introduce a whole new independent website to focus on our Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen (Pin Marking) Product. Not only for new clients to help them properly identify the products best suited for them, but also for existing customers to easily stay in touch with the latest upgrades, firmware updates technical support options and more. We are always updating products and adding new models to suit a wider range of manufacturing applications.

If you have questions or wish to discuss the products, please call one of our Part Marking Specialists at (905) 639-0909. We have facilities in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada to serve you better!

E: info@millenniumsignatures.com

WELCOME to our NEW Website!

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. has had such tremendous success over the past 12 years with the Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology sold and supported throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico that we have now built and dedicated its own website to promote and support the Marksman Series products. Thank you for visiting marksmanmarkingsystems.com!

The Marksman Series Products are brought to you by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. with our main facilities located in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada. Our products are additionally supported throughout North America by a network of Distributors and Service Technicians. Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. has an extensive history of over 50 years experience in the Marking Products business. More details on the various other Products, Marking Technologies, and Services offered can be found at www.millenniumsignatures.com.

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. is the home of the Part Marking Specialists. We have been selling, supporting and providing Custom Part Marking services for the following for decades, making us the place to consult with when you have parts to mark!

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Galvo Driven Laser Marking Systems & Part Marking Services
  • Electro-Chemical Etching Equipment Accessories & Supplies
  • Custom Cut Stencils, Peel & Stick Nylon, Mylar, Oil Board, various Metals and more…
  • Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems and Part Marking Services
  • Custom Made Nameplates including Laser Sintered, Anodized Aluminum, Laser Etched, Screen Printed, Deep Etch & Fill and more…
  • High Visibility
  • 2D and 3D Engraving Services
  • Custom Engraved Steel Stamps & Dyes
  • Roll Marking Technologies
  • Dot Peen & Roll Marking Attachment Tools for CNC Machining Centers
  • Custom Formulated Marking Inks & Solvents
  • Positive locating Nesting Fixtures for various Marking Technologies
  • Custom Pad Printing Services
  • Barcode Scanning & Verification Technologies

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems first started selling and supporting Pin Marking Technology back in 1987. The Computerized Dot Peen Marking Technology has continued to become more versatile and more reliable year after year and what we do with the Marksman Series systems today is simply impressive and at a cost of ownership far below any other indent stamping process that’s ever been offered. The Marksman product has been so well received over the years we have made a huge investment into the inventory we have in place throughout North America and the Technicians we have in place to support the products and consult on integrations into today’s automated manufacturing environment. Millennium Signatures has a long history of working with leading manufacturing firms in primarily the Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Medical & Surgical industries, but we have managed to successfully help companies that manufacture just about any product get clean, professional, long lasting identification permanently on their products.

Thank you for being among the first to visit our NEW site and please be sure to contact any of our Part Marking Specialists should you have any questions by e-mail at info@millenniumsignatures.com or by phone at Tel: (905) 639-0909