Hand-Held Portable Marking

Most manufacturing operations these days need to receive their certified materials in and start marking the raw materials as it enters the building and maintains that identification through every step of the manufacturing process. In years past it’s been a challenge to adapt to these more demanding requirements for traceability, but there is some good news…

New technology is being developed in the Marking Systems Industry all the time to allow marking to be done easier, faster and more reliably. Let’s focus on the NEW Marksman Series MKP-054 Hand-Held Portable Low-Stress Indent Marker by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. Traditionally most Marking Systems are a bench-top or floor mount station that you bring your parts to for processing, but this is not always possible and with some of the latest Hand-Held Technologies you can easily walk over to large lengths of structural steel or tubing etc., or harder to reach locations atop large fabrications and pull the trigger on a comfortable, lightweight marking head and in just a few seconds you’re done! Beautiful, clean looking, easy to read information such as Heat Numbers, Certification ID Numbers, Purchase Order Numbers’ etc., are permanently stamped into your material.

This new technology does not even require any umbilical cables for delivering power and data to have to manage as you move from piece-to-piece. 
These systems are battery powered by Heavy Duty 6.0amp Hour Batteries as you would find in Bosch Cordless Drills and their other power tools.
The variable data you wish to mark can be delivered to the Marking Head instantly using Bluetooth Technology direct from your PC or a smartphone using a free downloadable app. 
You also have the option of plugging a mini keyboard directly into the Portable Marking Head and entering the information directly using a small LCD Screen on the Marking Head to verify the accuracy of the information you’ve entered. 
These systems have been in the field now for just over 2 years and we are getting great feedback. Despite most customers choose to start with two (2) battery packs so one can be charging while the other is in use, reports indicate that they are getting more than 2-3 hours of near continuous marking out of a pack that only takes 20 minutes to charge.

These systems are lightweight and comfortable to use. They come with custom carrying cases with precision cut foam inserts to keep your equipment and accessories such as batteries and charger together and safe when not in use.

With our equipment you’re not limited to marking just Alpha/Numeric Text in a range of sizes and fonts, you can also add Logos and both 2D and QR Codes to your parts that are perfectly scannable allowing you to track your material faster than ever before.

Given that the only part to require periodic sharpening or repair under normal use is the Marking Stylus, this equipment has an EXCELLENT cost of ownership ratio to be considered. 
It’s an inexpensive way to give the flexibility and versatility needed by your staff to ensure they have the capability to log and track your materials from the time they enter the receiving department doors, right through until the finished product is shipped to your client.

For more information on this Marksman Series MKP-054 Portable Dot Peen Marking System and our other technologies, please contact one of our Part Marking Specialists in our main inquiry line at (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail at
We have facilities in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada to help with all of your inquiries.

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