Rotary Models


The Marksman Series by Millennium Signatures is packed functionality including the ability to do high precision circumferential marking on rings and cylinders. This is easily done by ordering your Benchtop Marking System complete with the CDC-20 Rotary Axis + Positive Locating Slide. The CDC-20 based systems are a very unique and efficient design. When you have a Marksman system built-up on the CDC-20 platform you gain the ability to mark standard flat componentry fixtured under the marking head in the traditional benchtop configuration and then if you need to mark a ring or cylinder you can simply activate a release and slide the Rotary Axis and Supporting Tail Stock (if required) over so that the part, when held in the chuck or collet, will be within the marking field of the head.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can not add the CDC-20 Rotary Axis feature afterward to existing equipment, at least not easily. If you are thinking that marking cylindrical parts is likely part of your future and you are buying a machine now, you will want to place an order for the Marking Head and Column you require configured on a CDC-20 platform. The CDC-20 Platform can be supplied with the MH-80 and MH-115 Marking Heads and allows a maximum outside part diameter of 28cm or 11.0” to be marked.

POSITIVE LOCATING DESIGN: The most valuable feature of this system design is the ability to switch over from regular flat component or nameplate marking to circumferential marking effortlessly and within seconds. The heavy-duty slide design features in our CDC-20 product allows your Rotary Axis to remain centered and positively located in relation to the marking head, it just slides effortlessly off the side when not in use. Excellent for marking Tube, Pipe, Hex, and Bar stock components and flanges. The CDC-20 is compatible with the MCU-100N Rotary Drive and MCU-200BN Rotary Drive Controllers.

- Marking Area: Depends on Marking Head system is configured with
- Dimensions: 23cm width (9.06”) x 23cm length (9.06”) x 21cm Height (8.72”)
- Marking Head Weight – Approximately 9 kg or (19.84 lbs).
- Available with a Pneumatic (Air) Driven Solenoid or Electric Driven Solenoid
- Air pressure requirements 2bar (30.0 psi) to 5bar (72.5 psi)
- Typically supplied standard with the PH-16 Marking Stylus Assembly
- Supplied complete with Controller with Mini-Keyboard, Start/Stop/Reset Remote Interface Box
- Designed for Stand-Alone operation (no requirement for PC), however, all of our controllers are supplied with cabling and software allowing it to connect and controlled through a PC. This also allows you to access databases such as Microsoft Excel and additional back-up of data files.
- Electrical Requirements: 115V or 230V, 50/60 Hz
- Overall System Dimensions: Approx. 106.6cm (42”) Long x 91.4cm (36”) Tall x 43.18cm (17”) Depth