One of the pillars of the Marksman Series Marking systems by Millennium Signatures is the versatile MCU-100 Controller with integrated pull-out keyboard tray. The MCU-100 has been available for more than a decade and has proven to be a strong and reliable workhorse for the Marksman Series. It will work with any of the Dot Peen Marking Heads and that includes the Rotary Axis Systems and even the SI Series Scribing Drop & Drag Heads also. The MCU-100 has a strength for power distribution some of the systems require and it has longevity on its side. Despite having been upgraded in recent years with the addition of a USB Port and Ethernet Port, but thousands of these controllers are out in the field and the performance and reliability are exceptional. This controller features a built-n LCD Screen and a Pull-out Keyboard Tray allows the keyboard to stay clean and protected when not in use. The MCU-100N is a full featured Controller, it fully supports Linear, Circular (Radial), Angular, Logos and Cylinder Marking along with 2D and UID Machine-Readable Codes.

The MCU-100N is a little larger than its successor (MCU-200BN) but at just 40.6 cm (16”) in width and 17.78 cm (7.0”) in height x 38.1cm (15.0”) in overall depth this controller does not take up much bench space and is a well-constructed steel cabinet to provide an adequate protection to the electronics within.

- Dimensions: 400mm (w) x 250mm (L) x 190mm (H)
- Weight: 8kg
- Case Material: Steel
- Memory: 40 Characters, 999 Blocks, 512Mb + Read/Write Memory Card and USB
- CPU: Atmel AT
- Marking Speeds: 2mm Characters at 4-5 per second, 3mm Characters at 3-4 per second, 6mm Characters at 1-2 per second, 10mm Characters at 0.6–0.8 per second
- Additional Components: External Switching, RS-232, PLC I/O Interface, Ethernet, Heat Sink, 240 x 128 Graphic LCD Display, Built-in Keyboard
- Fonts: STD1, STD2, STD3 and DOT Fonts embedded on every system
- Other Standard Features: Automatic Serialization, Date Coding, Julian Calendar, Special Date Coding, Week Coding, Day & Night Coding, 2D Matrix Marking, UID Code Marking.

The MCU-200BN is our latest controller which is now a little more compact than the MCU-100N and is also available with a Mounting Bracket that can be useful for mounting on a wall or almost any vertical structure support if you do not wish to use it in its standard desktop configuration. The MCU-200BN is a little less expensive than the previous generation (MCU-100N). The MCU-200BN is equipped with some NEW features such as a larger LCD Screen, enhanced PLC I/O Interface capability accommodating communication via RS-232 and Ethernet. This controller also has the Read/Write SD Card but is now equipped with a USB Port to accommodate a Flash Drive for the easy transfer of graphics files or as an additional option for backing up your layouts.

The MCU-200BN can operate any of our Dot Peen Marking Heads and a Rotary Drive model of this same power unit is available for those who wish to use this NEW controller to drive their CDC-20 Rotary Axis & Positive Locating Slide system. The MCU-100BN Controller is still completely available and is still recommended for any of our SI-Series Scribing (Scratch Marking) Heads. As with previous generations, the MCU-200BN continues to offer the ability to run Marksman Marking Heads in a complete stand-alone configuration. There is no requirement for a PC, the controller is fully functional on its own, but does come with our JS-Series Software at no charge that allows your system to control through a PC if desired or used to access additional file storage or external database. The MCU-200BN has now been out in the field serving clients since 2010 and we have had exceptional results with this controller. It has proven to be a very reliable control system for the Marksman Series Systems.

- Full “Stand Alone” Capability (No PC is required)
- Easy selection from LP to PH Configured Stylus Assemblies
- No internal cooling system needed (very energy efficient)
- Linear, Circular (Radial), Angular, Logo and Cylinder Marking and Hex Bar Marking
- Automatic Serialization, Date Coding, Julian Calendar, Special Date Coding, Day & Night Coding, 2D Matrix and UID Coding, Shift and Week Coding
- Four (4) different fonts embedded on the controller to start (including STD1, STD2, STD3 and DOT fonts)
- 2D Data Matrix Marking
- Read/Write SD Removable Card and USB Port to back up and upload data easily.
- I/O Communication via RS-232 and Ethernet
- 3 Languages Supported Onboard (English, German, and Italian)