HELPFUL MARKING TIPS SERIES: Marksman Computerized Dot Peen Marking Tips

Marksman Computerized Dot Peen Marking Tips

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., with facilities in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada supplies the Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking Equipment and Accessories through an extensive Distribution Network throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico. This equipment is ideal for marking metal and plastic components as well as being very popular for populating variable data on Metal Tags and Nameplates. What some potential clients do not realize is that there is an assortment of different Marking Pins or “Stylii” that is available to work in all of our systems.
These various Stylus Assemblies can be very effective at changing the marking results or speed of the marking to suit your specific requirement.
This is not to say that it is necessary to be buying multiple tips and swapping them out all the time. Most customers are very happy using the LP-10 Stylus that comes with the machine for all applications, but we wanted to advise you that there are options and how these options may benefit your specific requirements.
All of our Marking Tips are made from 100% Tungsten Carbide and are capable of providing high quality marking on even hardened metals.

For small character generation or precision marking for thinner materials or less raised material, you can use the LP-06 Stylus Assembly your Marksman Dot Peen Marker to help along with air pressure adjustment to get the desired results.
Average marking depth for this Marking Pin in Steel would be 0.002” (0.051mm) to 0.004” (1.0mm)

The PH-16 is the next natural progression up from the LP-06 Stylus.
It is a slightly more versatile Marking Pin given that it will do some small character (fine detail) work as well as some mid-range depth, but the PH-16 is a very fast marking pin and may be a good selection for those with high volume and wish to shave as many seconds off their marking cycle as possible. Average marking depth for this Marking Pin in Steel would be 0.003” to 0.005”

The LP-10 Stylus Assembly is your true mid-range Marking Pin. It may be the most versatile Marking Pin and would be a good selection if you had to do a multitude of tasks with only the one (1) Marking Pin. The LP-10 is a little heavier stylus and offers an average marking depth of 0.004” to 0.007” in most metals including Stainless Steels.

The LP-15 Stylus is very similar to the LP-10 Stylus mentioned above in terms of material and diameter, but is longer and is ideal for those who are looking to mark down in a recessed area of a part. The longer stylus also allows the marking head to sit further away from the marking surface which allows for a better view of what’s being marked or clearance for other obstacles that result for part shape and design. Despite the similarities to the LP-10 Stylus, it is a slightly harder hitting stylus and the average marking depth for this Marking Pin on Steel would be 0.004” to 0.008”

The LP-10P Stylus is designed for a more intense impact still, giving extra depth in most materials. The depth of the mark will be slightly deeper into the material and the physical diameter of each dot will be a little larger at the surface as a result. This is a Stylus (Marking Pin) that you may wish to consider if you’re looking for markings of close to 0.010” that you are wanting to surface a light sandblast and/or paint. The LP-10P is a little heavier stylus again and offers an average marking depth of 0.006” to 0.010” in most mild steels.

The HLP-10 Stylus is currently our heaviest Marking Stylus. It’s been designed specifically to provide as much marking dept as possible and is most commonly used in the identification of Larger Steel Fabrications, Pressure Vessels etc. This marking tip will work in any of our models and will deliver marking depths of 0.008” to upwards of 0.012” and possibly more depending on the materials being marked.

For more information on Marksman Marking Systems, we encourage you to visit our website at or please feel free to contact any of our Part Marking Specialists using our main inquiry line (905) 639-0909 or by e-mail using

The Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking and Scribing Systems are sold throughout Canada, USA and Mexico by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems or any of its distribution partners.

This Helpful Marking Tip was brought to you by Jeff Guenther of Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

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