Dot Peen Stamp QR Codes Directly into your Metal and Plastic Parts

Marksman Dot Peen Systems now has the capability to Dot Peen Stamp QR Codes directly into your metal and plastic parts.
Why is this a BIG Deal? This allows you to stamp a small square code permanently into your products along with other pertinent data such as Serial Numbers, Part Numbers and more that can be scanned by a variety of different Hand-Held Scanners or even your Smart Phone (with the download of one of many free apps that are available for immediate download in the apps store today)
Allow your customers the luxury of scanning a part you supply and using their smartphone instantly pull up your website, a schematic or parts list that pertains to that item. The QR Codes can link to any Website, Document or even Installation Video you put online. Imagine telling your clients just to scan the QR Code with their phone and instantly a “How to” or Instructional Video showing them how to use or assemble your product(s) immediately starts to play?
It does not get any easier. Make your customers love using your products due to the great accessibility to supporting information. 
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