The Machining Department at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. can assist you with making quality, cost-effective Positive Locating Fixtures out of various materials including non-Scratch Nylon and Delrin with easy load / unload capability. Given that our business is to provide Turn-Key Marking Systems and Services, the majority of fixtures we design and build are intended to positively locate and secure a number of products within any of our various Marking Technologies during the marking process. However, we are certainly capable of building quality nesting fixtures and jigs for other material handling applications just as easily.
If our many many years of design and machining expertise can assist you with positive locating fixtures for nesting parts during a process, give our main inquiry line a call at 905-639-0909 and speak with one of our Part Marking Specialists. With facilities in Buffalo, NY USA and Burlington, ON Canada we are in a position assess your applications and turn jobs around quickly. 
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