Marksman is a comprehensive line of Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems, also commonly referred to as “Pin Marking” or “Pin Stamping” Technology, which is Sold, Serviced, and Supported throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. and their Distribution Partners.


The Marksman Series features, BENCH TOP System Designs along with HAND-HELD PORTABLE and COMPACT UNIVERSAL MOUNT (Integrator Style) Models which covers all Part Marking applications in almost any manufacturing environment.

Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems are a very fast, reliable and cost-effective way to replace old traditional impact marking with a steel stamp or insert die.  The Dot Peen Marking Process is particularly effective because it’s computer controlled allowing for a fast, easy changeover of information and variable data. It also offers very fast marking speeds of approximately 5-Characters per second, but despite this speed, the system does only actually deliver perfect character generation one dot at a time resulting in a much lower amount of stress on your part.

Marksman Systems are all stand-alone meaning that they do NOT require a PC to operate.  However, despite not requiring a PC all systems are supplied with complimentary software which allows full control of the system through a computer, should it be preferred or needed to assist with more complex integrations etc.  Our controllers are also equipped with RS-232 and Serial connectivity to accommodate communication with Networks, PLC’s and other automation.

Our Marksman Series also offers a lot of extra functionality in every system produced over most competing brands.  Systems can be supplied with an Air Driven Solenoid powering the Marking Stylus (PIN) or you can request an Electric Solenoid product.  The air driven solenoid design is a bit more popular as you have a little more control over marking depth, but the electrically driven models do perform very similarly and do not require any source of compressed air.  Ideal for use in the back of a service vehicle or in a part of a facility that is not equipped with compressed air.

Standard Features (Capabilities) of all Marksman Systems include:

  • (LIN) Straight Line “Linear” Marking
  • (CIR) Radial or “ARC” Marking – Circular layout on a flat marking surface
  • (PLT) Graphic or Logo – Required a CAD-based PLT File for proper import
  • (CYL) Used for “Circumferential Marking” Required the CDC-20 Rotary Axis to perform this task
  • (2DM) 2D Matrix Barcode Creation – Automatically transfers Keyboard or Scanner entry into 2D
  • Machine Readable Code (2D Matrix)

Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. has facilities in Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada and has a distribution network throughout all North America including Canada, USA, and Mexico.

In addition to service that can be completed onsite at your facility by Millennium Signatures or one of its distribution partners, there are two (2) fully inventoried service facilities one in Canada and one in the USA which can provide fast and efficient repair services and one in Mexico is currently in development!

As part of our commitment to fast and effective service, Millennium Signatures has a swap out program that can see your company be shipped a temporary replacement while your system is being repaired.

This has proven effective for many clients but is not always necessary.  Many repairs are turned around on the same day and having a loaner travelling back and forth simply does not help the situation.  We can typically forecast in advance if we think that a Temporary Replacement may be a good idea for your particular situation.

Marksman systems come in a variety of Marking Field sizes from as small at 50mm x 40mm to as large as 250mm x 250mm within the standard product offering.  Custom Marking Fields, Mounting Solutions, Locating Mounts, and Fixturing are always available but do add to the lead time.   We strive to always have systems from our standard line-up in-stock and readily available at both our Buffalo NY, USA and Burlington ON, Canada facility.

We maintain a VERY large inventory of complete systems, but also replacement parts and accessories.  We strive to have what you need when you need it!

Marksman by Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.  Call us at (905) 639-0909.